Basic Training

Gain a solid understanding of the processes involved in running effective group clinics whether you plan to run video, face-to-face or both!

Event Description

Join our 3-hour basic training programme designed to give you a solid foundation in the processes involved in delivering group clinics, whether you plan to run them face-to-face, via video or a mix of both.

This module is part of a three-module learning programme, which includes live simulation training and an advanced skills group clinic training module, specific to your delivery role as clinician or additional role (ARS) practitioner, facilitator or clinic co-ordinator.

During this basic training module you learn:

  • How to choose the right delivery mode (face to face or video) and the right clinical topic for your initial group clinics
  • The group clinic process and how to safely manage consent, clinical and information governance risks
  • Best practice in structuring and running your group clinics from the start to the finish
  • How to manage group dynamics to ensure positive outcomes for everyone involved.

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