Group Clinic Programme Orientation

Create your plan on a page to support your group clinic change programme (covering both face to face and video group clinics), and gain a full understanding of the learning and change management support available for you and your team, as well as an overview of the group clinic toolkit you have access to as part of your programme support package.

Event Description

Join our 90 minute programme session, designed to provide you with an overview of the programme support you have access to and to help you draft your initial Plan on a Page. 

Your whole team should ideally attend this session. If possible, join together from one room, with the session running on a large screen. 

During this briefing and planning session you will:

  • Decide initial group clinic model and delivery mode (face to face or video)
  • Gain clarity about the three leadership roles and confirm your leadership team
  • Gain clarity about the three delivery role and choose your group clinic delivery team for your first group clinic model
  • Understand the training each person needs to complete
  • Understand the change management support on offer, including the toolkit
  • Create a plan and a timeline for making the change, including dates for your first live group clinics

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